St. Francis Hospital Education & Internship

St. Francis Hospital & Heart Center® 

High School Education and Internship Program 

For Juniors & Seniors

St. Francis Hospital believes in nurturing the next generation of health care professionals and  fostering a passion for learning and innovation. The Education and Internship Programs aims to  provide high school students with firsthand experience and exposure to the medical field,  equipping them with valuable skills and knowledge for future endeavors. 

Program Coordinators:  

Kimberley Arlotta, Director of Volunteer Services 

Mary Elbert, Director of Medical Affairs 

** Kimberley will process student applications 

Key Highlights: The Education and Internship Program will provide students with education  seminars, on-site shadowing at the hospital, certificate trainings, and networking opportunities.  

Student Cohort: A cohort of 15 students will be chosen by each school partner to participate in  the program. Eligibility and credit requirements are determined by school. 

Duration: Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters 

Schedule: Wednesdays from 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM (see full schedule for dates) 


St. Francis Hospital & Heart Center® 

100 Port Washington Boulevard 

Roslyn, NY 11576 

(Conference rooms A, B, C) 

Participants: School must submit a list of student participants no later than Wednesday,  September 27th, with the following documentation for each student: 

∙ School permission slip 

∙ St. Francis Hospital volunteer application 

∙ St. Francis Hospital security form 

∙ St. Francis Hospital photo consent form 

School Responsibilities: 

∙ School designates faculty liaison who will be responsible for managing application  process and disseminating necessary communication to students from the hospital (i.e.  schedule changes, updates, etc.). 

∙ Faculty liaison will attend all sessions to help guide and chaperone students. ∙ School will determine student participants by setting eligibility requirements and  processing applications. 

∙ School will screen student applications and provide list of participants to St. Francis  Hospital with necessary documentation by Wednesday, September 27th

∙ School will set requirements for credit (if needed). 

∙ School to determine transportation needs for students and provide transportation at its discretion.