Who We Are And What We Do

Our Lady of Mercy Academy is a sponsored ministry of the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas and is a member of Mercy Education. Our Lady of Mercy Academy is for  families seeking an exemplary college preparatory education rooted in Christian values, providing a comprehensive education that develops and cultivates each student’s academic pursuits, personal gifts and talents in a safe and welcoming environment.

What Do We Stand For?

We prepare young women to be life-long learners and empower them to use their God-given gifts to make a difference in our world.

Why an All-Girls Education?

We believe a school for girls is better than a school with girls.

Girls’ schools are places where girls take center stage. They occupy every seat in student government, every spot on the math team, and every position in the robotics club. In fact, every aspect of a girls’ school-from the classroom to the athletic fields and other academic programs-is designed for girls. By subtracting boys, an all- girls environment adds opportunities for girls.Whether a girl wants to be an astronaut, ambassador, author, or attorney, girls need to know–not just think, but really know, deep down there’s nothing that can stand in their way.

That’s the incredibly important message girls’ schools send to girls each and every day. That message, embedded in the nature of girls’ schools. provides powerful, relevant advantages and creates the best environments for girls to learn, grow, and develop. At their heart, girls’ schools are places of leadership. Places where community and collaboration, agency, and self-efficacy flourish. But most of all, girls’ schools are places of incredible innovation.


Mission Statement

Our Lady of Mercy Academy is dedicated to providing a comprehensive education grounded in the charism of Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy. Guided by the principles of Fides, Mores, and Cultura, the faculty and staff educate young women within a compassionate environment to empower them to be authentic witnesses of Catholic values in the global community.


We believe in compassion, and that every person has value and deserves respect.

We believe it is essential to challenge each student to fulfill her unique genius.

We believe it is important to educate our students about women’s roles in history and to challenge them to be the next generation of leaders.

We believe through daily prayer, liturgical celebrations, and opportunities for service we encourage spiritual growth and moral integrity.


Our Vision

Our Lady of Mercy Academy inspires the hearts, minds, and spirits of young women to lead, serve and succeed in their colleges, careers, communities and lives.

What Drives Our Unique Values, Vision
And Promise?

You will be Known

You will stand out while fitting in. All members of the Mercy community are dedicated to challenging you to develop your strengths and talents. With a rigorous academic curriculum, extracurricular activities and a diversified service program, you have the opportunity to thrive in a nurturing environment.

You will Lead

You will be challenged to become moral leaders in school and in the larger community. This includes local, national, and global service opportunities. We acknowledge your leadership potential.

You will Learn

You will have the chance to learn, lead, and gain self-confidence. The Mercy experience is one in which teachers want to teach and students want to learn. You will be prepared for college-level academics and a lifetime of learning. We provide the advantage of a single-sex educational environment, tailored specifically for young women.

You are Family

Mercy is part of a network of over 40 Mercy Secondary Schools located in 20 states in the US, six countries in Latin America, and the Caribbean. As a Mercy sponsored school, the charism of service, modeled by Catherine McAuley, the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, provides foundational strength to every part of the Mercy experience. This is evident in our social events, service projects, and support of one another.

You will Grow in Faith

Catholic beliefs, values and traditions are central to the Mercy experience. You are able to celebrate your faith through daily prayer, liturgies, and are encouraged to learn and live the Gospel teachings through service and compassion for others. We embrace the core values of the Sisters of Mercy and welcome students of all faiths.

An education in the Mercy tradition…

“No work of charity can be more productive of good to society than the careful education of young women.”

Catherine McAuley, Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy

Our Core Values are the hallmarks of a Mercy Education. These are the ideals we stand up for and strive to live up to. We hold ourselves to these standards as an institution, as a community and as individuals. Each value is interconnected and necessary as we take Mercy into the world.

The Hallmarks of a Mercy Education

icon of two hands with heart

Compelled by Mercy

Mercy students, in the spirit of our founder Catherine McAuley, are steadfastly determined to take Mercy into an interconnected world. Our shared sense of social consciousness is fortified by universal empathy and a conviction that all are worthy of God’s mercy. This deep awareness and compassion move us to take principled action and serve the needs of others.

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Educational Courage

Mercy students welcome the challenge of pursuing their full potential in a culture of excellence, critical thinking and curiosity. Their multifaceted journey builds character while it builds essential skills. Our holistic program expects engagement, a thirst for knowledge and personal responsibility, while preparing students to thrive for a lifetime.

icon of bible

Inspired by Faith

Mercy students become living models of faith and forceful advocates for Gospel values. Grounded in our Catholic identity in the Mercy tradition, we welcome all faiths and are strengthened and shaped by these relationships. As we pursue a personal relationship with God, we strenuously follow Jesus Christ’s example of social justice, love and service.

icon of compass

Principled Leadership

Mercy students are poised to lead with their unique gifts. Prepared with an ethical and moral compass, we put Mercy values into action and work assertively for what is right. We’re equipped to make difficult choices, learn from our mistakes and develop high emotional intelligence. As an international community, we’re confident in our ability to make a positive difference and push for systemic change.

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A Voice For Dignity and Respect

Mercy students honor the intrinsic value of the individual and recognize God’s presence in each person. We embrace a global vision and value differences of opinion, and are unafraid to confront hostile or hurtful attitudes. By standing up for those who can’t, we go beyond acceptance to help make sure everyone feels recognized and heard.

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