The Wellness Department, as an integral part of the OLMA school community, works closely with administrators, teachers, parents and community services to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of all students within the mission of the Sisters of Mercy.

All Wellness Department faculty are available to see students and parents/guardians when the need arises. Please reference the table below for all Department members’ caseload and contact information.

Gina MastroddiDirector of WellnessEmail-I - ZAll-
Beth CorbinSchool CounselorEmailAllA - H--
Sally CheccaCollege CounselorEmail---All
Kelly RaffaeleSocial WorkerEmailAllAllAllAll
Jennifer KacharabaDirector of Student Support ServicesEmailAllAllAllAll
Angela LoomisLearning SpecialistEmailAllAllAllAll

Over the past few years, parents and students have shared feedback regarding their experiences at OLMA, including their access to various services provided in our Office of School Counseling. We have taken great efforts to reflect on this feedback, research and visit other schools, and thus reorganize our counseling department to offer families an improved, personalized approach that will serve the specific needs of our students at each stage of their Mercy experience. The former Office of School Counseling is now part of our Wellness Department, which focuses its attention on all aspects of students’ needs. In an effort to best meet those needs, each student will be reassigned to the counselor whose role matches that student’s current grade level at Mercy. This restructuring allows our counselors to hone in on one area of expertise, improving our services to our families. Please review the new roles and responsibilities listed below. It is important to note that even though a student may be assigned to a particular counselor, she is always free to reach out to anyone in our Wellness Department for support.

Ms. Gina Mastroddi headshot

Ms. Gina Mastroddi, Wellness Department Chairwoman

Gina Mastroddi has been a part of the Circle of Mercy for the past ten years. Gina is the Chairperson of the Wellness Department and is the point person for all things Wellness!

Ms. Mastroddi is the School Counselor for the Junior class and shares the caseload for the Sophomore class (last names I- Z). She looks forward to guiding students through all of the enhancements that are being made as we enter our second year of Mercy’s Wellness Program. Ms. Mastroddi is dedicated to our students, parents, faculty, and staff. Her love of Mercy and support of our students’ overall wellness is evident!

Ms. Beth Corbin headshot

Ms. Beth Corbin, Freshwomen / Sophmore – Transitional Counselor

Beth Corbin has been a member of the Mercy Family since 2004. She is a Nationally Certified Counselor, as well as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, who has worked with students of all ages. Her love of engaging with students, parents, faculty, and administrators alike has led her to this profession. Ms. Corbin will be working with all incoming Freshwomen and half of the Sophomore class (last names A-H). She is available to help students acclimate to high school, be a part of our community–emotionally, spiritually and academically–and prepare for the upper grades and beyond.

Ms. Sally Checca headshot

Ms. Sally Checca, College Counselor

Sally Checca has served in various capacities at Our Lady of Mercy Academy since 2005. In that time, she has had the opportunity to work with students across all grade levels and has developed long-standing relationships with faculty and college representatives. As a mother of three college graduates, one of whom is a member of the Class of 2014, she not only is well versed in the college search and application process but also has firsthand knowledge of the Mercy experience. In her new role as our College Counselor, Mrs. Checca is looking forward to continuing to support her students daily in their social, emotional, and academic needs, as well as helping them and their families navigate the complexities of college admissions. Mrs. Checca will work with students in all stages of the college process, but her focus will primarily be on 11th and 12th graders. She will serve as the School Counselor for the Senior class.

Kelly Raffaele headshot

Kelly Raffaele, LMSW, Social Worker

Kelly Raffaele’s position as the Social Worker at OLMA involves supporting and improving the school climate in an effort to promote a healthier social-emotional atmosphere. Additionally, her focus is on the students’ learning and understanding of how to manage their emotions, set and achieve realistic goals, increase their ability to feel and show empathy, and maintain positive relationships, thus increasing their ability to flourish academically. Mrs. Raffaele’s role includes the support not only of students but also of their families, as well as the staff and faculty at OLMA.

Mrs. Barbara Piasio headshot

Mrs. Barbara Piasio, Wellness Department Administrative Assistant

Barbara Piasio is the Administrative Assistant in the Wellness Department and proud mother of three Mercy alumnae! After years of volunteering at OLMA, she returned to the Circle of Mercy in 2016 to take on her current role. She is the first point of contact at the 4th-floor Wellness Center and happily welcomes all who visit. Mrs. Piasio wears many “hats” in assisting the Wellness staff, and she plays an integral part in the college application process for Seniors.

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